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Go Green!

For recycling opportunities & tips for going green, please visit the Wheaton Park District’s Green Team Section.

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The Wheaton Park District Supports Healthy Air!

You may start seeing these signs around the Wheaton Park District. School and Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education, or SCARCE, was awarded a Community Needs Grant of the DuPage Foundation to improve air quality in DuPage County. With the help of the DuPage County Department of Transportation, SCARCE made 200 “No Idle Zone  – Healthy Air = Healthy  Kids” signs and donated the signs to facilities serving children, such as schools, libraries, and park districts.  The Wheaton Park District was a recipient of 12 of these important and educational signs to help support our existing efforts at improving air quality.

Why Promote Anti Idling?

  • Asthma increases as a result of car exhaust (American Lung Association).
  • Idling cars and buses create fumes that can be asthma triggers.
  • Fumes are toxic pollutants and probably human carcinogens.
  • Idling wastes fuel and money.

For more information, visit scarceecoed.org.

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Wheaton Park District Goes Green

The Board of Park Commissioners voted to adopt an environmental policy recommended by staff at the January 21, 2009 board meeting. The Wheaton Park District’s commitment to environmental stewardship and appreciation of increasing public awareness and concern about environmental issues led to the creation of an Environmental Policy Committee and development of a park district policy. The policy will assist the Wheaton Park District to achieve environmental excellence in all park district programming and operations and will further promote the district’s role model status of sound environmental practices. By educating the staff and community it will lead to changes in practices, which will result in positive environmental changes overall. As a park district we are committed to setting an example and adopting a leadership position in establishing and maintaining sound environmental policies, practices and educational opportunities for the employees and patrons of the Wheaton Park District.

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Environmental Committee Mission
To establish and maintain sound environmental policies, practices and educational opportunities for the employees and patrons of the Wheaton Park District.

Environmental Policy Summary:
Policy 1.0 Purchase and use Environmentally Safe and Sensitive Products
Purchase products for use in facility and park operations which minimize negative environmental impacts, taking into consideration the effects of product production, use, safety, storage, disposal and cost.

Policy 2.0 Wise Use and Protection of Air, Water, Soil and Wildlife
Actively seek and implement ways to conserve and protect water and soil, enhance air quality, limit the production and release of damaging pollutants, and protect wildlife.

Policy 3.0 Wise Use of Energy Resources
Actively seek and implement ways to conserve energy resources and investigate methods of applying alternative energy technologies.

Policy 4.0 Reduction and Handling of Waste
Reduce waste production, reuse and recycle materials from facility and park operations, and handle hazardous and all other wastes according to lawful and safe procedures.

Policy 5.0 Open Space Planning and Preservation
Protect and restore indigenous natural communities such as prairies, woodlands and wetlands, and promote the reclamation, acquisition, preservation and management of other open space areas.

Policy 6.0 Environmental Education and Interpretation
Provide education and interpretation opportunities for staff and the public which increase appreciation for the natural world and promote environmentally conscious lifestyles, emphasizing selective consumption and low-impact resource use.

WPD Environmental Policy (PDF)

For more information about the Environmental Policy, please contact Terra Johnson or Angie Dosch.