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The Wheaton Park District has a management program in place that complies with all federal regulations for protection of Canada Geese which are protected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. The park district, like homeowners and other governmental agencies can only follow recommended programs set by the federal agencies. The following practices for reducing the goose population have been implemented and are followed regularly.

  • Each year the park district applies for and receives a permit from the IL Dept. of Natural Resources Urban Waterfowl division which allows us to render the eggs non-productive and prevent re-nesting. This is done in the early spring when the females begin building nests. Each site within the park district is monitored and when nests are found they are taken care of properly.
  • The park district has made a commitment to sweep the parks where geese are a problem. We have a sweeper that goes around to many of our parks that have water sources as well as other areas where geese are a daily problem. This sweeper takes care of the droppings making the parks appearance nicer as well as addressing any potential health hazards.
  • The geese are harassed by four different managers within the park district using trucks as a way of making them flee.
  • The district fences off areas where new sod and seed has been laid down to deter them from eating the grass blades.

In the past, the park district has taken many different avenues to reduce geese populations. We have used trained dogs with little or no success and sprays for the grass. Our greatest success has been with the practice stated above, which is rendering the eggs non-productive. In the spring of 2007 we disposed of 32 nests and successfully rendered 202 eggs. Many of our parks have this nuisance fowl causing problems. Northside, Graf, Rathje, Seven Gables, and Armbrust are just a handful of parks where the geese are significant.

The Wheaton Park District is always actively seeking new alternatives to minimize this nuisance pest.

For more information, please read:
Canada Geese and Your Lake (PDF, 204Kb), produced by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Our mission is to establish and maintain sound environmental policies, practices and educational opportunities for the employees and patrons of the Wheaton Park District.

For complete details, please view Wheaton Park District Environmental Policy


For complete policy details, please see the Outdoor Athletic Areas Fee Schedule and Usage Policy Document (PDF).

This General Practices Manual of the Wheaton Park District Board of Park Commissioners represents an insight into the intent of the members. They are a manifestation of a desire to establish a means of measuring acceptable behavior and protocol that ensures honest and accountable representation. While not processing the force of the law, the intent of this manual is to provide a guideline for board conduct.

Park Board Policy and Practices Manual (PDF)

How to determine residency status:

Resident: anyone who resides in and/or who pays taxes to the Wheaton Park District

Non-Resident: anyone who does not pay taxes to the Wheaton Park District

The Wheaton Park District Sponsorship Program offers the opportunity for organizations, businesses, and individuals to affiliate with the Wheaton Park District (“District”) for the purpose of complementing or enhancing their marketing and promotional efforts. Through participation, sponsors contribute to a public service and save taxpayer dollars, reaching the target audience they seek and supporting a good cause. 

A wide range of sponsorship opportunities are available at the park district: special events, athletic fields, museum or zoo exhibits, or educational programs. All sponsorship recognition is for the life of the item sponsored. For example, the sponsorship recognition of a special event is for the duration of that specific event. In the case of an athletic field, the sponsorship would be for a one-year season/term. 

Some sponsorships are tax deductible. Sponsorships that are part of one of a 501C3 Foundations, i.e., Cosley Zoo Foundation, DuPage County Historical Museum Foundation, or Play for All Foundation. 

Sponsorship Policy (PDF)

We constantly strive to provide you with high quality recreation activities, events and programs. We are so confident you will be pleased with our efforts that we insure our promise – we guarantee your satisfaction with our services. If you are not completely satisfied, please tell us, and we will arrange one of the following:
A refund with no administrative fee:

  • Transferring to another program/service if space is available.
  • Services cost less than $10.
  • Placing the full amount of the refund on your Wheaton Park District household account to be used for services at a later date.
  • A refund from a waitlist. (Space on the waitlist will not be maintained.)

A refund with an administrative fee:

  • Program/service with registration cost of up to $50 will be charged a $5 fee.
  • Each program/service over $50 will be charged a $10 fee.
Program/Circumstance Deadline/Refund Requirement
One-day/two-day programs Three business days prior to when the program meets
Programs that meet more than 2 days Prior to the start of the second class
Wide Horizons Preschool $50 enrollment fee is nonrefundable; remaining balance if requested by August 1
Youth athletic leagues Prior to the second game of league play or competition
Football / Lacrosse league 1 week after player evaluation day
Rams Cheerleading league On or before April 15
Swim team Prior to the second meet
Summer camps, aquatic programs Wednesday before the first day of camp or aquatic lessons
Medical reasons/moving out of town Upon proof, a prorated refund will be provided.

Our guarantee is based on fulfilling our promise to you. If you are not satisfied, we would appreciate your comments, ideas or suggestions for improvement. You may apply for a refund at the Community Center, 1777 S. Blanchard St., at the Administration Office, 102 E. Wesley St. or by calling 630.690.4880. Your receipt or cancelled check, or proof of identification, may be required. Refund checks will be mailed within a reasonable period of time. (Certain programs, services and facilities are currently excluded from the Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy: golf course green fees; Pro Shop purchases; adult athletic leagues; Wheaton travel soccer programs; food or meals; banquet or catering services; daily facility admissions; pool passes; Parks Plus Fitness Center memberships; Wide Horizons program; tickets to entertainment; special events and trips; program supplies or materials purchased; garden plots; gift cards; and contractual programs or obligations.)

Photo Disclaimer: The Wheaton Park District takes photographs or video of participants for promoting our programs, services, events, activities, and facilities in our brochures, website or agency social media, etc. By participating in or attending any Wheaton Park District activities the participant (or parent/guardian of a minor participant) agrees to the use and distribution of his or her image (or images of a minor child/ward) in photographs, video recordings, and any other electronic reproductions of such activities for any purpose without inspection, compensation, or any other consideration now and in the future.

For information on photo permits, visit our Park Rentals page.