Resident Surveys

2020 Wheaton Park District Resident Survey

Thank you for your interest in this survey, it is now closed.

2016 Wheaton Park District Resident Survey Results

The Office of Recreation and Park Resources at the University of Illinois partnered with the Wheaton Park District to identify the specific purpose, techniques, and procedures of a community-wide survey to obtain clear planning direction for future recreational services within the community.

The results of this survey have been tabulated, and the following is a brief summary:

For complete results of the survey, download the full document: Attitude and Interest Survey Results (PDF)

What will the district do with the information?

Attitude and interest surveys are primarily used in the strategic and master planning processes. The feedback received will help cast the district’s vision for the next five to ten years. It will also be used to identify needs and areas of improvement throughout the district that will be reviewed in the day-to-day management of programs, facilities, and parks.