Toohey Park: Home of Safety City and Early Learning Classes

Address: 1900 Orchard Rd., Wheaton, IL 60189
Ph: 630-871-2835

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Toohey Park Tot Playground

Visit the Toohey Park Tot Playground today!
This playground is open to the public and was specifically designed for the active 2-5-year-old in your life!

Early Learning Classes

Ages 1-6

Early Childhood programs at Toohey Park are guided by the philosophy of “learning through play.” Our goal is to encourage children to work, play, and share with each other, develop new interests and enhance creative abilities. The Toohey Park facility and staff offer a safe and supportive setting for developing a love for school.

For a complete list of programs currently offered, please see the seasonal program guide for details.

Toohey Park Program participants

Safety City Classes

Ages 4-6

Safety City is a “miniature” downtown Wheaton, complete with buildings, sidewalks, crosswalks and traffic signals. This unique Wheaton Park District facility offers a valuable venue in which children can learn basic principles of safety. Safety City provides early childhood education on basic safety messages. Hands-on instruction includes games, crafts, music, stories, videos and role-playing. Children practice and experience “real-life” situations to help them acquire safe habits.

Safety City curriculum includes:

  • pedestrian safety
  • passenger safety
  • at-home safety
  • fire prevention
  • playground safety
  • “Stranger Danger”
Safety City program participant on tricycle

Safety City–This “miniature” version of downtown Wheaton offers children a fun environment for learning pedestrian and passenger safety.

Open Road

Ages 3-6 with Parent

Safety City is open to the public during the spring, summer, and fall sessions on Wednesdays from 5:30-7P and supervised by a Safety City instructor. Children ages 3-6 with tricycles and helmets can ride free of charge. Tricycles are available for rent for $5. Please see the seasonal program guide for dates and times.

Field Trips

Ages 4-8

Preschools, daycare centers, school districts, early childhood classes, and small youth groups can take advantage of Safety City field trips. Home safety, basic pedestrian safety and bicycle safety can be taught. To make a reservation, please call 630-690-4880 or 630-871-2835.

Scout Field Trips and Badge Workshops

Calling all scouts!

Do you have a safety badge your troop or den is working on? Let the staff at Safety City help you and your scouts complete your requirements needed.

Call 630-871-2835 or 630-690-4880 to schedule a field trip and/or workshop now!


Ages 3-6 (Max. 20 children)

The Original Safety City Party

The party begins with a safety-themed street craft, followed by safe cycling in the outdoor Safety City layout. Then we go back inside for a birthday treat and opening presents. Party is run by Safety City Instructors. You provide and serve your choice of birthday treat and beverage. All guests must bring a safety helmet.

Fee for the 90-minute party:

  • $135/residents (up to 15*)
  • $162/nonresidents (up to 15*)

*$10 for each additional child–maximum 20 children

To make a reservation or for more information, please call 630-690-4880 or 630-871-2835.