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The Wheaton Park District Barracudas Swim Team is made up of boys and girls ages 6 to 18. Swim Team is not a swim lesson program. Participants must be able to swim laps in deep water comfortably and have a basic knowledge of the components of swim team. The head coach reserves the right to ask that a child be placed in swim lessons (when available) in order to improve his or her skills before being admitted to the swim team. The swim team is recreational.

All swim team practices and potential swim meets will meet state and local COVID-19 guidelines. Please have your swimmers suited up before arriving to aquatics facilities and anticipate showering and changing at home when possible. If you are fully vaccinated, you are not required to wear a face mask at this facility. If you are not vaccinated, you are strongly encouraged to wear a face mask at this facility, when not in the water. If a child is displaying symptoms of COVID-19, please contact the coaches and keep them home from practice.

The 2021 Swim Team season format has been adapted due to current COVID guidelines and restrictions. The team will practice Monday through Friday. This year’s swim meets will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturdays as scheduled. The swim team fee covers coaching, staff, and team shirt. The team swimsuit is not included in the fee and is not mandatory. If you have additional questions please contact Max Yoshikawa at 630-510-5126.


Age Dates* Day Time R/NR Fee Class
6-8 6/1-7/23 M-Sa 7-9A $140/$168 312303-01
9-10 6/1-7/23 M-Sa 7-9A $140/$168 312303-02
11-12 6/1-7/23 M-Sa 7-9A $140/$168 312303-03
13-14 6/1-7/23 M-Sa 7-9A $140/$168 312303-04
15-18 6/1-7/23 M-Sa 7-9A $140/$168 312303-05
6-8 6/1-7/23 M-Sa 7-9A $140/$168 312303-06
9-10 6/1-7/23 M-Sa 7-9A $140/$168 312303-07
11-12 6/1-7/23 M-Sa 7-9A $140/$168 312303-08
12-13 6/1-7/23 M-Sa 7-9A $140/$168 312303-09
15-18 6/1-7/23 M-Sa 7-9A $140/$168 312303-10

Parents are required to volunteer for at least two meets (home or away).
*No class 7/4

Important Dates:

Season Practices/Meets

Season: 6/1-7/23
Potential Meet Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday as scheduled


Sign up for the RainoutLine alerts to get up-to-the-minute cancellation notices for swim practices and meets.


Please contact Max Yoshikawa at 630-510-5126.