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Swim Lessons

Swim programs are offered at Northside Family Aquatic Center and Rice Pool & Water Park (ADA Accessible).


The Wheaton Park District Swim Lesson Program is offered at Rice Pool & Water Park and Northside Family Aquatic Center. For those with special needs, Rice Pool & Water Park is an accessible site for recreation, swimming, and swim lesson programs. Additional weeklong class session times may be added or weeklong class sessions may be cancelled by management before their start date due to low enrollment or other potential issues.

Course Descriptions

Placement is based on skill, not age. Children are tested and placed in appropriate levels on the first day of class (children must be toilet-trained).
These descriptions apply to swimming lessons at both Northside Family Aquatic Center and Rice Pool & Water Park. In order to move to the next level, one must perform the following skills correctly:

Ages 3-5

  • Toddler I | First-time lessons
  • Toddler II | Able to blow bubbles and put face in water
  • Toddler III | Move with feet off bottom, front float, back float, beginning stroke

Youth, Ages 6 & UP

  • Beginner I | Enter water, hold breath, blow bubbles, front float, glide
  • Beginner II | Front float, front glide, crawl stroke 20 feet (arms and kick), jump into chest-deep water
  • Beginner III | Crawl stroke with rhythmic breathing, jump into deep water, back float with movement
  • Advanced Beginner (must have passed Beginners) | Crawl stroke with rhythmic breathing, survival float, treading water, elementary back stroke, front dive, underwater swim
  • Intermediate (must have passed Adv. Beginners) | Review crawl and elementary backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, 5-minute swim
  • Swimmer (must have passed Intermediate)  | Breaststroke, sidestroke, back crawl, review all strokes, 10-minute swim. If your child has passed any of the above swim levels, bring swim certificate or card to the first class.

Class Ratios

3- to 5-year-olds | 3 swimmers to 1 instructor
6 years and up | 5 swimmers to 1 instructor
Advanced classes may possibly have 8 to 1 ratio

Registration will be available in early spring 2023.