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Recycling Available

Wheaton Park District is proud to play a part in these recycling fund-raising opportunities for the Wheaton community.

Community Center Recycling – 1777 S. Blanchard St., Wheaton IL

Green Happenings

New Recycling Effort Glows Bright

The Wheaton Park District is working with SCARCE (School & Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education) and the City of Wheaton to properly recycle fluorescent light bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury harmful to the environment, and these bulbs are not accepted for regular trash pickup. With the District’s numerous buildings, we produce between 500-600 used bulbs per year. Disposal for this amount of bulbs was costing the district over $1,000 annually.

The City of Wheaton, in conjunction with SCARCE, purchased a fluorescent tube eater (featured in video below) which crushes the used bulbs and also captures and filters the mercury gases contained within.

The Bulb Eater – Air Cycle Fluorescent Tube Crusher

If you have fluorescent bulbs to dispose of, the City of Wheaton has an electronics recycling drop-off the second Saturday of every month (visit City of Wheaton website for details). Many hardware stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot will take unbroken fluorescent tubes for recycling. Call first to confirm they will accept the tubes.

Living Green is Easy and the Benefits are Endless

Invest in green plants to keep in the living room, the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Green plants help to recycle and freshen the air you breathe all winter long.  Once your home is sealed, you need the plants to help remove toxins and stale air.  You will feel better emotionally and physically with the addition of living plants in your home.

Consider double-lined curtains to keep out the heat in summer, and cold in winter.

Understanding the DfE Mark

This mark allows consumers to quickly identify and choose more products that are safer for their families and also help protect the environment. DfE uses scientific information to identify products designed to be safer for the environment and to help you choose products and services, such as electronics or automotive refinishing.

EPA Design for the Environment logo

In 2011, Americans using products with the DfE label cut the use of harmful chemicals by more than 756 million pounds. Look for the DfE label to find products with the safest possible ingredients and help protect the environment.


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