Winter Outdoor Recreation

Check RainoutLine or Facebook for updates on the status of ice rinks and other winter outdoor recreation.

Update (03/03/21):

  • The Central Athletic Center ice rinks and pond rinks are closed for the season.
  • Visit the weather hotline for details and outdoor activity availability. We will communicate updates with the public as they become available.

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Central Athletic Complex Ice Rinks
Covid Safety Guidelines
Cross-Country Skiing
Ice Fishing
Ice Skating & Hockey
Northside Park Warming Shelter

Cross-Country Skiing

Travel the snow-touched slopes of Arrowhead Golf Club this winter with cross-country skiing!

This low-impact sport offers the benefits of aerobic exercise, burns calories, and builds muscles. Arrowhead Golf Club (26W151 Butterfield Rd.) maintains groomed trails and provides equipment rentals. Skiers are encouraged to stay on the groomed trails which have been provided, skiing is allowed throughout the course as weather permits. A base of 6 inches of snow is required for cross-country skiing to be permitted.

Trail access is provided free of charge. Rental equipment does require a fee. All rentals are by reservation only by calling 630.653.5800. Rental equipment can then be paid for and picked up from the ProShop.

Check for updates on cross-country skiing conditions on our Status Updates page.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is only permitted at Elliot Lake and is undertaken at the visitor’s risk.
  • Remember, green flags mean “GO”, red flags mean “NO.”
  • Ice skating is prohibited at Elliot Lake.
Status Updates

Ice Skating & Hockey

The Central Athletic Complex ice rinks and pond rinks are closed for the season.

Northside Park Warming Shelter

The Northside Park Warming Shelter will be closed for the 2020/2021 winter outdoor activity season.


Hop on a sled, toboggan, or inner tube!

We maintain a sledding hill at Northside Park (1300 N. West St.) for everyone who wants to go riding in a one-horse open sleigh but doesn’t have the horse or the sleigh.

  • Outdoor winter recreation is subject to weather conditions. If conditions are unsafe, we will close the sled hill until they become safe again.
  • Sledding can be a hazardous activity with substantial risk. Use is at the visitor’s risk.
  • Use of snowboards and skis is strictly prohibited.
  • The building of moguls, ramps, jumps, bumps, and hills is strictly prohibited.
  • Pets are strictly prohibited from the sledding hill.
Sled Hill Status
View the status of Northside Park sled hill:


Go snowshoeing and find the unpacked snow in our parks and Lincoln Marsh!

Rentals are $7 per hour and available in child and adult sizes. Snowshoeing requires at least three inches of snow. All participants must sign a Rental Agreement & Waiver (PDF). Minors under 18 must have waivers signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Participants are liable for any damages to the equipment up to $100. A state ID, driver’s license, credit card, or car keys will be held as a deposit until the equipment is returned.


  • Advance reservations required, please email or call 630-871-2810 for availability.
  • Snowshoes may not leave Lincoln Marsh (1001 W. Lincoln Ave) and must be returned to the Lincoln Marsh office during business hours (9A-3P).
  • Any equipment returned after rental hours will incur a $5 fee for every 10 minutes late.
Email for Details