Due to the unseasonably warm weather, the Central Athletic Complex Ice Rinks are now closed for the season. We hope you enjoyed them and are looking forward to next year. We will be making some improvements based on feedback received and more permanent options for facilities. If you have any suggestions you would like us to consider, please let us know at communications@wheatonparks.org.

Winter Outdoor Recreation


Travel the snow-touched slopes of Arrowhead Golf Club this winter with cross-country skiing!

This low-impact sport offers the benefits of aerobic exercise, burns calories, and builds muscles. Arrowhead Golf Club (26W151 Butterfield Rd.) maintains groomed trails and provides equipment rentals. Apart from marked areas, skiing is allowed throughout the course as weather permits.

Trail access is provided free of charge. Rental equipment does require a fee.

If our merry miles aren’t quite enough, our neighbors at the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County’s Herrick Lake Forest Preserve have even more trails to travel!

Visit arrowheadgolfclub.org for more information, or check for updates on cross-country skiing conditions on our Status Updates page.

Pass the puck, skate backwards, have a shootout, and play hockey.

When weather conditions are approved for ice skating, they’re approved for hockey. Remember, green flags mean “GO”, red flags mean “NO.”

Before you lace up your skates, there are a few rules:

  • Hockey is allowed at Rathje Park on weekdays before 4P and on weekends and school holidays before 2P.
  • Playtime is restricted to posted times on all ice rinks.
  • Skating is subject to weather conditions, including snowfall. If conditions are deemed unsafe, a rink may close.
  • Use is at visitor’s risk.
  • Skating is not permitted behind the island or beyond the bridge at Northside Park.
  • Hockey is not permitted in front of the Warming Shelter at Northside Park.
  • Our new ice rinks are open this winter, one rink is available for hockey on a first come first served basis at the Central Athletic Complex.

Locations offering ice hockey >

Check for updates on ice hockey conditions on our Status Updates page.

Ice fishing is only permitted at Elliot Lake and is undertaken at the visitor’s risk.

Remember, green flags mean “GO”, red flags mean “NO.”

Ice skating is prohibited at Elliot Lake.

Check for updates on ice conditions on our Status Updates page.

Remember, green flags mean go and red flags mean no!

Safety first: all ice rinks are swept and resurfaced as needed. We monitor the ice daily and post flags to let skaters know when conditions are safe. Green flags indicate safe conditions, and red flags indicate unsafe conditions.

Lit Rinks: Dawn-10P*/**
Non-lit Rinks (Bestler’s Pond): Dawn-Dusk

*All ice rinks are lit, with the exception of Bestler’s Pond

**Central Athletic Complex ice rinks are available 8am-9:30pm daily.

What if I don’t know how to skate?
It’s never too late to learn! Visit http://www.realbuzz.com for some first-time skater tips, or consider registering for an ice skating class. See our full list of lessons >

There are some guidelines for ice safety:

  • Ice must be at least eight inches thick for ice skating.
  • Outdoor winter recreation is subject to weather conditions. If conditions are unsafe, we will close a skating rink or sledding hill until they become safe again.
  • Rinks will not be plowed during snowfall, but when snowfall stops.
  • In cases of heavy snowfall, not all rinks may be cleared for use.
  • Use is at visitor’s risk.
  • Skating at Northside Park is not permitted behind the island or beyond the bridge.

Locations offering ice skating >

Check for updates on ice skating conditions on our Status Updates page.

Hop on a sled, toboggan, or inner tube!

We maintain a sledding hill at Northside Park (1300 N. West St.) for everyone who wants to go riding in a one-horse open sleigh, but doesn’t have the horse or the sleigh.

From his experience with winter wonderlands, Santa Claus has shared some suggestions:

  • Outdoor winter recreation is subject to weather conditions. If conditions are unsafe, we will close a skating rink or sledding hill until they become safe again.
  • Sledding can be a hazardous activity with substantial risk. Use is at visitor’s risk.
  • Use of snowboards and skis is strictly prohibited.
  • Building of moguls, ramps, jumps, bumps, and hills is strictly prohibited.
  • Pets are strictly prohibited from the sledding hill.

Check for updates on sledding conditions on our Status Updates page.


Go snowshoeing and find the unpacked snow in our parks and Lincoln Marsh!

Rentals are $5 per hour and available in child and adult sizes. Snowshoeing requires at least three inches of snow. All participants must sign a Rental Agreement & Waiver (PDF). Minors under 18 must have waivers signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Participants are liable for any damages to the equipment up to $100. A state ID, driver’s license, credit card, or car keys will be held as a deposit until the equipment is returned.

Please note:

  • Snowshoes may not leave the property on which they’re rented
  • Any equipment returned after rental hours will incur a $5 fee for every 10 minutes late

Rentals Details

Location Hours Notes
Lincoln Marsh Office
1001 W Lincoln Ave
Mon-Fri: 9A-3P -Snowshoes must be returned by 3P
-Call 630.871.2810 to confirm availability
Northside Park Warming Shelter
1311 N West St
Fri: 4-7P
Sat: 10A-7P
Sun: 11A-6P
Non-School Days: 10A-7P
-Snowshoes must be returned by 7P (6P on Sundays)
-Call 630.234.9351 to confirm availability

Wheaton’s First Outdoor Ice Rinks

Outdoor ice rinks at Central Athletic Complex are available for public use, free of charge. One rink will always be reserved for free/open skating, the smaller rink will be available for hockey. Skate rental is not available on site. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) for more information.

Map of Facility Parking (PDF)

Rules of Conduct (PDF)

Please note: this facility will close frequently for grooming, please stay off the ice while it is being groomed. Sign up for email or text updates on this facility’s status via RainoutLine.com>

Remember, green flags mean “GO”, red flags mean “NO.”

Warming Shelter Hours*

Regular Hours Holiday Hours
Fri: 4:30-9:30P
Sat: 1-9:30P
Sun: 1-6P
– Closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day
– Hours may vary on non-school days

*Outdoor recreation at Central Athletic Complex (CAC) is not limited to the warming shelter hours.

Warm up with a cup of hot cocoa while participating in outdoor fun this winter.

The Warming Shelter at Northside Park (1311 N. West St.) is open during the winter months, weather conditions permitting, to accommodate those participating in sledding, skating, snowshoeing, and other outdoor winter recreation. Restrooms, limited concessions, and snowshoe rentals are available at the Warming Shelter. Call 630.234.9351 to confirm snowshoe availability. Ice skates are not available for rent.

We reserve the right to close the Warming Shelter due to lack of participants or inclement weather.

Warming Shelter Hours*

Regular Hours Holiday Hours
Fri: 4-8P
Sat: 10A-8P
Sun: 11A-7P
Non-School Days: 10A-8P
– Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day
-Open 11A-4P on Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve

*Outdoor winter recreation at Northside Park is not limited to the Warming Shelter hours.

Winter Outdoor Recreation Locations

Please note: Bestler’s Pond is not lit, and is open from dawn to dusk; all other pond ice rinks are open from dawn to 10pm. Central Athletic Complex (CAC) is open from 8A-9:30P daily.

ice skating Ice Skating ice hockey Ice Hockey sledding Sledding xcs Cross-Country Skiing snowshoeing Snowshoeing ice_fishing Ice Fishing
Locations Available Activities
Name Address ice skating ice hockey sledding xcs snowshoeing ice_fishing
Arrowhead Golf Club 26W151 Butterfield Rd – Directions        
Bestler’s Pond 26W108 Tomahawk Dr – Directions        
C.L. Herrick Park Herrick St & Armbrust St – Directions        
Central Athletic Complex 500 S Naperville Rd – Directions | Map
Elliott Lake W Prairie Ave & N Gary Ave – Directions
Lincoln Marsh Office: 1001 W Lincoln Ave – Directions
Park: Pierce Ave & Harrison St – Directions
Northside Park 1300 N West St – Directions      
Rathje Park Roosevelt Rd & Delles Rd – Directions    
Seven Gables Winner’s Cup Circle – Directions    

Check for updates on outdoor winter recreation activities on our Status Updates page.

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