Outdoor Recreation

Watch the greens turn to yellows and oranges as summer turns into fall!

Witnessing the seasons change is best viewed inside one of our 54 parks, along the trail at Lincoln Marsh Natural Area, near the picnic area of Cosley Zoo or from the outdoor patio at Arrowhead Golf Club. Celebrate autumn with us!


We offer several park trails suitable for walking, running, and biking to suit your speed.

Park Name Location Distance (miles)
Atten Park* 1720 S. Wiesbrook Rd. 1.1
Hoffman Park* N. Prospect St. and Hill Ave. 0.4
Kelly Park 1100 S. Main St. 1.2
Northside Park** 1300 N. West St. 1.3
Seven Gables Park 1750 S. Naperville Rd. 1.7

*Trail runs adjacent to the Illinois Prairie Path.
**Plans to create trail linking to the Illinois Prairie Path.

We maintain 23 playgrounds across Wheaton for free community use, including Northside Park, Seven Gables Park, Kelly Park, Toohey Park, Triangle Park, Atten Park, W.W. Stevens Park, Hillside Tot Lot, Hoffman Park, and more. You’ll find slides, monkey bars, climbable boulders, bridges, nets, and other activities around the district.

Several parks are available to rent for birthday parties, reunions, retirement parties, company outings, and other social functions. For the full list of parks and addresses, click here.


Arrowhead Golf Club’s 27-hole championship course is open for the season! Chip past our white tour sand bunkers, practice your swing on our lighted driving range, take lessons from our PGA Golf Professionals, and receive custom equipment fitting at Pelican Golf.

Once your round’s done, visit Arrowhead Restaurant & Bar for the best meal you’ve ever had on a golf course, and book an event in one of the three-story clubhouse’s elegant spaces.

To learn more and book tee times, visit arrowheadgolfclub.org. Arrowhead Golf Club is located at 26W151 Butterfield Rd.

Cosley Zoo

Cosley Zoo is an Association of Zoos & Aquariums-accredited facility beloved by generations for its commitment to the highest standards of animal care, conservation, and education.

But the zoo wouldn’t be the fantastic place it is without its 200-plus animals representing more than 60 native Illinois species, from ducks, fox, coyote, and hedgehogs to horses, donkeys, llamas, and bobcats. Cosley Zoo has extended hours (9A-5P) April through October.

Learn more at cosleyzoo.org. Cosley Zoo is located at 1356 N. Gary Ave.

Did you know Pickleball is the fastest growing sport among active adults in the United States? This sport is a combination of badminton, ping pong, and tennis and is a sport that all generations and ages can enjoy. The popularity of pickleball has been growing steadily over the last few years; the Wheaton Park District now maintains 9 pickleball courts.

Pickleball Court Locations:

6 new courts at Central Park
2 dedicated courts at Atten Park
1 tennis court has been lined at Northside Park

Drop-in play, lessons, and leagues are available!

Browse and register for programs:

Desktop Registration
Mobile Registration

Lincoln Marsh

Thousands of people visit Lincoln Marsh Natural Area each year to hike, picnic, and enjoy the outdoors. Nature enthusiasts find great bird-watching opportunities. Lincoln Marsh is an ideal place to jog or bike because its trails connect with the Illinois Prairie Path.

The marsh’s 151 acres include wetland, woodland, and prairie ecosystems. Each spring, district staff members conduct controlled burns across much of its acreage to release nutrients into the soil from the husks of the grasses and other plants that died over the winter.

Lincoln Marsh offers programming opportunities to more than 13,000 participants per year. We provide Nature and Adventure programs to schools, groups, scouts, individuals, and families. Our Challenge Course includes team-building, high ropes, a climbing tower, and more.

To learn more, visit lincolnmarsh.org.

Between the Illinois Prairie Path through downtown Wheaton and Courthouse Square lies Clocktower Mini Golf & Skate Park. Here, you can putt through 18 holes, ride the rails at a 12,000-square-foot skate park, enjoy concessions, and hold birthday parties and group outings.

Mini Golf
Residents: children 15 and under—$4; adults 16+—$5
Nonresidents: children 15 and under—$5; adults 16+—$6
Senior citizens 60+—$4

Skate Park

For hours and more information, please visit the Clocktower Facility page.

Washrooms are located inside the concession stand in the center of Clocktower.

Put your feet together and play pétanque at Northside Park or Memorial Park!

Pétanque is the second most popular participation sport in Europe after soccer. The word means ‘feet together’ in French, and games consist of two teams of one, two, or three players trying to throw their boules (balls) closest to the cochonnet, or target ball.

The first team draws a circle from which each player must stand and play, throws the cochonnet in any direction between 20 and 33 feet away, and tosses their boules as close to it as possible. The second team knocks away the first team’s boules, tries to get theirs closer than the first team, or both until the teams are out of boules.

At the end of the round, the team with the boule closest to the cochonnet gets a point for every boule closer than the other team’s boules, and the first team to 13 points wins.

See further instructions on Petanque How to Play (PDF).

The pétanque courts at Northside Park and Memorial Park don’t require reservations. Just bring your boules and play. Do you already love pétanque and want to meet more teammates? Join DuPage Pétanque, a chapter of Chicago Pétanque Club!

They meet three times a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays at Memorial Park at 9A and Sundays at Northside Park at 12P.

With more than 800 acres of open space and 54 parks to choose from, it’s easy to find a perfect place to picnic. Spread out a blanket on the grass at Kelly Park, Rathje Park, or Northside Park, or spend your lunch break on a bench instead of in an office chair.

Bring your racquets (and a friend or two) to one of our tennis courts and practice your forehand, backhand, serves, and lobs! Tennis courts are located at Northside Park, Central Park, Hurley Gardens, Atten Park, and more. For the full list of parks and addresses, click here.