How to Register

Online Registration

  1. Do I need anything to register online?
    YES, you must have a user ID and password to enroll in programs online. To receive a user ID and password, you must establish a household account. Residents must visit the Community Center (1777 S. Blanchard St.) to provide proof of residency in order to qualify for pricing or benefits exclusive to residents. Proof of identity as well as park district residency is required when applying for a resident Universal ID. A current, state-issued photo ID that reflects an address in Wheaton will cover both requirements. If the ID does not reflect a current address, a recent tax bill or utility bill may be used to document residency. Nonresidents must call 630-690-4880 to set up an account.
  2. When will my registration be processed?
    You will receive immediate confirmation of enrollment when you register online.
  3. What forms of payment are accepted?
    Acceptable forms of payment include: Visa, Mastercard and/or gift card.
  4. How do I submit my signature to enroll?
    Submission of an online registration serves as an original signature.
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Paper Registration (In Person, Drop Off, Mail-in and Fax)

  1. Where can I register in person?
    Stop in at the Community Center, 1777 S. Blanchard Street, or at the Administration Office (Located in the DuPage County Historical Museum) at 102 E. Wesley Street, to enroll in person.
  2. Is there a secure fax number for faxed registrations?
    The secure fax number for faxed registrations is 630-665-7912.
  3. Where are the drop-off locations?
    After-hours drop-off boxes are located outside the Community Center, 1777 S. Blanchard Street, and the Administration Office (Located in the DuPage County Historical Museum) at 102 E. Wesley Street.
  4. When will my registration be processed?
    Registrations dropped off at the Community Center Front Desk prior to the start of registration will be processed in random order as of the registration start date. Mail-in and fax registrations will be processed when received as of the registration start date.
  5. What forms should I use to register?
    Using the forms online or in your seasonal brochure, accurately and completely fill out the information. Missing or incomplete information will delay your registration.
    IMPORTANT: Registration for youth athletic leagues requires the submission of a youth athletic registration form for each participant and each sport. This form is available here and in the seasonal brochure.
  6. What happens when a program is full?
    We recommend including a first choice and one alternate program when registering. If the fee for an alternate class you have listed is higher than the original class, pay the higher fee and the difference will be refunded, if appropriate, at the completion of registration. If your first choice and alternate choice are full, you will automatically be placed on the waiting list for your first choice. You will receive a confirmation by mail only if you are wait-listed.
  7. What are my payment options?
    If you plan to mail or drop off your registration, enclose a check (payable to the Wheaton Park District), money order or Visa/Mastercard information for the full payment of all programs. A $25 service fee is charged for each returned check. Payment for insufficient funds and the original registration fee are required within ten (10) days of notification. Otherwise, the participant is removed from the class roster. Do not send cash. The Wheaton Park District is not responsible for lost or late mail.

Additional Details

  1. Phone registrations are not accepted.
  2. The Park District reserves the right to cancel programs due to insufficient registration. Because of early publication dates, the Wheaton Park District reserves the right to make changes to the programs listed in the publications.
  3. For insurance purposes, participation in a Wheaton Park District program requires a signed waiver. Please sign the waiver section on the registration form and when applicable on the youth athletic program registration form.
  4. On occasion, park district staff may photograph or videotape participants in park district programs, classes, or at park events or facilities. These photos are for park district use only and may be used in publications, brochures, pamphlets, flyers or videos.
  5. Park district programs will not meet on days when District #200 classes are canceled due to inclement weather.
  6. Participants registering for activities of a strenuous nature are encouraged to seek a physician’s approval.
  7. If you register for a program and space does not open up, your payment will automatically be refunded.
  8. For information about our Satisfaction Guarantee and Refund Policy, click here.