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Contracts & Agreements

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ADP Agreement

Accela Agreement

Acceleration Sports Performance, Jeff Richardson: Agreement

Ackerman Sports & Fitness Center Agreement

Advanced Intelligence Engineering (AIE) Agreement

Allison, Bowman & Rodney Trio Agreement

Allstar Asphalt, Inc. Agreement | Agreement 2

Animal Medical Clinic Agreement

Bobak’s Signature Events Agreement

Booster Shot Agreement 1 |  Agreement 2

Braoudakis, Heather Agreement

Broadway in Chicago Agreement | Agreement 2

CAGE Engineering: Agreement 1 | Agreement 2

Celebration River Cruises Agreement

Challenger Sports Agreement

The Chicago Experience Agreement

Chicago Architecture Foundation Agreement

Chicagoland Paving Contractors, Inc. Agreement

Chicagoland Turf Agreement

Circa 21 Agreement

City Ventures Agreement

Constellation NewEnergy – Gas Division Agreement 1 | Agreement 2 | Agreement 3 | Agreement 4 | Agreement 5

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants Agreement

Corporate Learning Institute Agreement

Department of Transportation Agreement

Dick Diamond & the Dusters Agreement

Digging Records Agreement

Drury Lane Theatre Agreement

East Troy Railroad Museum Agreement

Education To Go – Division of Cengage Learning Agreement

Engineering Resource Associates Agreement

Experential Systems Agreement 1 | Agreement 2

Fine Design Agreement

First Illinois Systems, Inc. Agreement

Forest Preserve District Agreement 1 | Agreement 2

Forest Preserve District and Sanitary District Agreement

Geese Police Agreement

Go 4 It Entertainment (Gabe Ortiz) Agreement 1 | Agreement 2 | Agreement 3

GolfNow, LLC Agreement

Greencity Project Agreement

Group Theater Tix, Llc Agreement

Happy Wanderers Agreement

Harrington, Rich Agreement

Hat Guys Agreement

Haynes, Sandi Agreement

Hi-Infidelity Band Agreement

Holistic Dimensions  – Sandhya Matthews Agreement

I.M. Properties Agreement | Agreement 2

Illinois Girls Lacrosse Association Agreement

Isle Casino/Hotel Bus Agreement

John and Tonys Agreement

Johnny Rockets Display Company Agreement

Kmiecik Architects, Ltd. Agreement 1 | Agreement 2 | Agreement 3 | Agreement 4 | Agreement 5 | Agreement 6

Lakeshore Kendo Club NPC Agreement

Lakeside Lutheran High School Marching Band Agreement

Let Me Arrange It! Inc. Transportation Agreement

Libera, James Agreement

Libido Funk Band Agreement

Lloyds Chicago event Agreement

M14 hoops – Matt Milller Agreement

Marcello’s Lincoln Park Agreement

McCormick & Schmick’s Agreement

Medinah Big Wheels Agreement

Mike Ditka’s Chicago Agreement 

Morley Stable retirement fund Agreement

Morrison Security Agreement

National Decorating Service Agreement

Nicor Gas Agreement

Night Club at Noon Agreement

North American Midway Entertainment Agreement

NuToys Leisure Products, Inc. Agreement

Official Finders, LLC (Tim James) Agreement

Outreach Community Center Agreement

Paul Rodriguez/Suburban Music Agreement

Peter Miletic Music Agreement

Petterino’s Restaurant Agreement | Agreement 2 | Agreement 3 | Agreement 4 | Agreement 5 | Agreement 6

Planet Groove Agreement

Planning Resources Inc. Agreement

Raise Your Glass Agreement

Recreation Results LLC Agreement (amended) | Agreement 2

Red Woody Band Agreement

Rhythm City Casino Resort Agreement

Ridgeline Consultants, LLC Agreement

Rollins Aquatic Solutions Agreement

Scioto Energy (New River Group) Agreement

ServiceMaster Restoration by DSI Agreement

SportsKids, Inc Agreement

Starved Rock Lodge & Conference Center Agreement

Tae Kwon Do – Master Kim Agreement

TMA systems Agreement

Trio Life Agreement

US Soccer Club Agreement

US Tennis Court Construction Co. Agreement

Unified Trust Agreement

University of Chicago, Booth School of Business Agreement

V3 Construction Group LTD – John Brown Agreement | Agreement 2 | Agreement 3

Vision96, LLC Agreement

Wheaton Oaks Office Partners Agreement

Wheaton Police Department Agreement | Agreement 2

Williams Architects Agreement

Windstar Lines, Inc. Agreement


4 The Beat Band: Agreement

The 45’s: Agreement

Abbey Paving & Sealcoating, Inc.: Agreement

Abbington Distinctive Banquets: Agreement

Acceleration Sports Performance, Jeff Richardson: Agreement 1 and Certification of Insurance

Agreement 2 and Certificate of Insurance

Advanced Intelligence Engineering, LLC: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

AMZO Zip Mailing Services, Inc.: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

Animal Medical Clinic/Ciribassi Veterinary Group: Agreement

ANPI (Unity Communications, Inc., Tailwind Voice & Data, Inc., Worxone Communications, LLC): Agreement 1


Area Sanitation Solutions, Inc: Agreement

Arena Fence Co: Agreement

Art Du Deplacement Chicago, LLC (ADD Chicago, Kurt Gowan): Agreement and Certificate of Insurance

ASA Softball Umpires – Rick Wostratzky: Agreement

B1 & C1: Agreement

Ballard King and Associates: Agreement

BCN Telecom: Agreement

Bedrock Earthscapes, LLC: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

Bestler, Karl: Agreement

Bianco, Melissa (Calisie Cakes): Agreement

Booster Shot: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

Boy Band Night Band: Agreement

Broadway in Chicago: Agreement

Buado, Calvin/Double B Entertainment: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

California Rail Discovery: Agreement

Center Ice of DuPage: Agreement

Centerfold Band: Agreement

Central DuPage Physician Group d/b/a Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group: Agreement

Chicagoland Paving: Change Order


Church of the Resurrection: Lease

Ciribassi Veterinary Group/Animal Medical Clinic: Agreement

City of Wheaton: Agreement 1

Agreement 3

City Ventures: Agreement

Classic Fence Inc.: Agreement 

COEO Solutions: Agreement

Comcast: Letter of Authorization

Comforts of Home: Agreement

Computer Explorers: Agreement

Converged Communication Systems: Agreement

The Cory Group: Agreement

Culligan of Wheaton (CWT): Agreement 1

Agreement 2

Day Robert & Morris, P.C.: Agreement

D.E.S. Painting, Inc.: Agreement

Dick Diamond and the Dusters: Agreement

Digging Records Inc. dba The Neverly Brothers Band: Agreement

Drury Lane: Agreement

Duffy, Deborah Bridges: Agreement

DuPage County Stormwater Management: Agreement

DuPage Regional Office of Education: Agreement

Earley Insulation, Inc.: Agreement

Encap Incorporated: Agreement

Fine Designs, Inc.: Agreement

First Illinois Systems, Inc.: Agreement

Four Star Brass Band: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

Fred Kolkmann Tennis and Sports Surfaces, LLC: Agreement

Future Pros Inc.: Agreement 1 (Summer Camps)

Agreement 2

Galanes, Lambros: Agreement

Genoa Pizza: Agreement

Gilhooly, Pat & Catherine: Agreement

GolfClubsDirect Inc. (GDN): Agreement

The Grillroom Chophouse & Winebar: Agreement

Group Theater Tix, LLC: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

The Hat Guys: Agreement

Haynes, Sandi: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

Hi-Infidelity Band: Agreement

Hoffman, Ed: Agreement

Howell, Eric: Agreement

Ideal Amusements: Agreement

Illinois Roof Consulting Assoc., Inc.: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

Integrated Lakes Management, Inc.: Agreement

Integrity Fitness: Agreement

John & Tony’s: Agreement

Johnny Rockets Fireworks Display: Agreement

Kiefer Specialty Flooring, Inc.: Change Order 1


Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.: Agreement

Kmiecik, Lawrence: Agreement

Kollum, Jason: Agreement 1

Kona Ice of Central DuPage County: Agreement

Libido Funk Circus Band: Agreement

Lisa Lombardi Coaching, Inc.: Agreement

Loftus, Laurie: Affidavit

Manico Flooring, Inc.: Agreement 

Mayflower Tours: Agreement

Medinah Big Wheels: Agreement

Meyer Paving, Inc.: Agreement

Midwest Model T Club: Agreement

The Mix Band: Agreement

Morrison Security Corporation, Inc.: Addendum

MTJ Development LLC: Agreement

Change Order

Natedog Inc/Nathan McKinley: Agreement

Naperville Yard Field Rental: Agreement

Neopost USA: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

North American Midway Entertainment–All Star Amusement, Inc.: Agreement

Northern Illinois Lake and Pond Management: Agreement

Northern Illinois Fence: Agreement

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): Forms

Ortiz, Gabe and Go 4 It Entertainment: Agreement 1

Agreement 4

Paramount Theatre: Agreement

Park District Risk Management Agency (PDRMA): Fidelity Bond

Petterino’s: Agreement

Planet Groove Band: Agreement

Planning Resources Inc. (PRI): Agreement

Prairie Path Books, LLC (Sandy Koropp): Agreement

Prosource Company, LLC: Agreement w/ Rider

Raw45 Boot Camp LLC: Agreement

Red Woody Band: Agreement

Restoration – Reclaim No-mow Hillside Services: Agreement

Riddell: Agreement

Rivera, Douglas and Erica: Agreement

Rock Your Body Art LLC: Agreement

Ron & Sandie Show: Agreement

Scent Air: Agreement

Schroeder Asphalt Services, Inc.: Agreement

Schumaker, Nick and Roc Solid Obedience: Agreement

Scramble Band (Rutter Productions): Agreement

SESAC LLC: Performance License

Sikich Financial: Agreement 

Silver Knights Baton Group: Agreement

Soccer Success (Coerver Soccer Training): Agreement

SofSurfaces Inc: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

South of Disorder: Agreement 1

Sports Authority: Agreement


Spyglass Group, LLC: Letter of Authorization

St. Francis High School: Facility Use Agreement

Starved Rock Lodge and Conference Center: Agreement

The Strathmore Company: Agreement

Team 6 Soccer: Agreement

Tondu, Dave dba My Buddy’s Tackle Shop: Agreement

TORO Company – NSN: Purchase Order


Tradition Energy: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

Trane US Inc.: Agreement

TransNational Payments (TNP): Agreement

Tunes of Glory: Agreement

Ulfig, Kimberly A.: Donor Agreement (for Play for All Playground & Garden Foundation, Inc.)

University of Chicago: Agreement

U.S. Bank Equipment Finance: Lease Supplement

U.S.A. Technologies, Inc. (USAT): Agreement

V3 Companies of Illinois, Ltd.: Agreement

Vision96 (V96): Work Order Amendment

Statement of Work 16-002

Voris Mechanical, Inc.: Agreement

Water Technology, Inc. (WTI): Agreement

Weaver, Connie: Agreement

Wheaton Bank & Trust: Account Management Communication

Wheaton North High School Band: Agreement

Wheaton Police Department: Agreement 1

Agreement 3

Wheaton Warrenville South High School Band: Agreement

Williams Architects: Letter of Proposed Agreement (LOPA)

WT Cafe — Flying Pans IL, Inc./Independent Franchise of Wholesome Tummies: Agreement

YMCA of Northwestern DuPage County: Agreement

Youth Tech Inc.: Agreement


Abbott Tree Care Professionals: Agreement

Advanced Intelligence Engineering (AIE): Agreement


American Legion: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers: Agreement (not fully executed)

Animal Medical Clinic: Agreement

Aramark: Agreement

Armbrust Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning, Inc.: Agreement

Assassination Theater: Agreement

Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA): Application for Accreditation

AT&T: Agreement 1 (not fully executed)

Agreement 4

Birch Communications: Letter of Authorization

Bobak’s Signature Events: Contract

Bradford Equities LLC: Agreement

Brumlik, Sarah: Agreement

Chicagoland Paving Contractors, Inc.: Arrowhead Agreement

Graf Park Change Order

City of Wheaton, Illinois: Agreement

Comcast: Agreement

Comforts of Home: Agreement

Communications Direct: Agreement

Constellation NewEnergy, Inc.: Agreement

Crystal Janitorial Services: Agreement

Custom Installations: Agreement

Diva Montell Band: Agreement

Donnelly, Deb: Agreement

Drury Lane: Agreement

DuPage County Fair Association: Agreement

DuPage County Health Department: Mobile Vending Inspection Report

Educational Products, Inc. (EPI): Agreement

Edward Ambulance: Agreement

Elara Energy Services, Inc: Agreement 1 (not fully executed)

Agreement 2

Ellis, Jeff & Associates, Inc.: Contract Status Notification

Encap Inc.: Change Order

Engineering Resource Associates, Inc. (ERA): Agreement 1

Extreme Tix: Agreement

Fine Designs Imprinted Sportswear: Agreement

The Fireside Theatre: Agreement

First Illinois Systems: Agreement

Gagnepain, Joe: Agreement

Gold Piece Enterprises, Inc.: Agreement

GPS Industries: Agreement

Happy Wanderers: Agreement

Heritage FS: Agreement

Illinois Department of Natural Resources: Agreement w/ Amendment 

Illinois Gas Cooperative (IGC): Agreement

Ispera Government Systems: Agreement

Jasco Electric Corporation: Agreement

J.E.M. Morris Construction, Inc.: Change Orders


John Drake & Associates, Inc. (JDA): Extension Agreement

John & Tony’s: Agreement

Ken Slauf and Nite Hawks: Agreement

K.L.F. Enterprises, Inc.: Agreement

Kmiecik Architects Ltd.: Agreement

Marcello’s Lincoln Park: Agreement

Marriott Theater: Agreement

Martin Whalen Office Solutions, Inc.: Agreement

US Bank Lease Agreement

MaryMonicaMusic/4TheBeatBand: Agreement

Maul Asphalt and Sealcoating: Agreement

Mel-O-Air: Agreement

Melrose Pyrotechnics: Agreement

Certificate of Insurance

Meyer Paving, Inc.: Agreement

Change Order

Morrison Security: Addendum 1

Addendum 2

Morrow, Bob – Independent Contractor: Agreement

MTJ Sports: Agreement

Change Order

Nick Lynch and Silversmith Band: Agreement

North American Communications Resource, Inc.: Agreement

North American Midway Entertainment-All Star Amusement, Inc: Agreement & Certificate of Insurance

Northern Illinois Fence: Agreement

Northern Illinois Lake and Pond: Agreement

OnStage Majority: Agreement

Open Government, Inc.: Agreement

Ortiz, Gabe and Go 4 It Entertainment: Agreement 1 & Certificate of Insurance

Agreement 2 & Certificate of Insurance

Pepsi Beverages Company: Agreement

Perfect Cleaning Service Corp: Agreement

Platinum Care Ambulance: Agreement

Play Illinois, LLC: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

Polach Appraisal Group, Inc.: Agreement

Prosource Company LLC: Agreement

Contract Rider

Red Woody Band: Agreement

Republic Services: Agreement

RJ Sisson, Inc. DBA: Wee Heart Music: Agreement

Rock ‘n’ Kids: Agreement

Selden Fox, LTD.: Agreement

Sheesley, Joel: Agreement

Speer Financial, Inc.: Agreement


SpyGlass Group, LLC: Agreement

The Strathmore Company: Agreement

TFS Energy Solutions, LLC d/b/a Tradition Energy: Agreement

Tim James — Official Finders Umpires: Agreement & Certificate of Insurance


Torre Design Consortium, Ltd., A Professional Corporation: Agreement

Transnational Bank/Vision96: Certificate of Insurance

Tribune Publishing: Agreement

Tunes of Glory: Agreement

University of Illinois: Agreement

US Soccer Club: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

USAgain: Agreement

Vanguard Energy Services: Agreement 1

Work Order 15-05

Voris Mechanical, Inc.: Proposed Change Order

Change Order

Waste Management of Illinois: Agreement

Wesley Luehring Foundation: Agreement

Wheaton Police Department: Agreement

Wheaton Sanitary District: Agreement 1

Agreement 2

Wheaton U.S. Bank/Park District Risk Management Agency: Certificate of Coverage

White Farm Fence: Agreement

Windy City Umpires: Agreement

Zeriva: Agreement/Quote


3 In Counting Band: CA14_3 in 1 band

28 Days Band: CA14_28 days band

Athletico LTD: CA14_Athletico

John Bieszk: CA14_John Bieszk agreement

Board of Education Wheaton-Warrenville Community School District No. 200: CA14_CUSD 200 temp const agreement

Butler Street: CA14_Butler Street, CA14_Butler Street #2

Carol Stream Animal Clinic: CA14_Carol Stream animal clinic

Casino Party Professionals: CA14_Casino party professionals

Chicago Suburban Antiques Dealers Association (CSADA): CA14_CSADA

City of Wheaton (Video Agreement): CA14_2014 City-WPD Video Agmt

Compass Surveying: CA14_compass surveying

Constellation NewEnergy, Inc: CA14_Constellation

Core Mechanical, Inc (Western Surety Company Performance Bond): CA14_core mechanical

County of DuPage, Illinois: CA14_2014 DWQIP Agreement (IGA) for Elliot Lake – Signed

Digging Records: CA14_Digging Records

DuPage Community Foundation: CA14_Dupage Community Foundation for PFA

DuPage County Fair Association: CA14_DPC Fair agreement

DuPage County Health Department: CA14_DCH Forward grant addendum (FORWARD Grant Addendum), CA14_Forward grant for kiwanis and play for all from DC health dept (FORWARD /Kiwanis Agreement), CA14_DPC Health dept addendum

Engineering Resource Associates, Inc.: CA14_ERA Elliot Lake

EVP Academy: CA14_EVP Academy

ExtremeTix, Inc.: CA14_Extremetix

Field Turf : CA14_Field Turf AIA Document A101-2007

Field Turf : CA14_Field Turf Additions & Deletions Report_AIA Document A101-2007

Field Turf USA, Inc: CA14_Field Turf Performance Bond Fieldturf USA, Inc.

Fine Designs Imprinted Sportswear: CA14_Fine Designs sportswear

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County: CA14_ORD 13-001 DCFPD & WPD Lucent (FPD ord)

Four Star Brass Band: CA14_four star brass band

Fox Vending, Inc.: CA14_Fox vending

Frank & Dave Band: CA14_frank & dave band_001

Future Pros: CA14_Future pros

Hawkins Inc.: CA14_Hawkins

Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity: CA14_DCEO grant letter

Illinois Department of Natural Resources (Cosley Zoo): CA14_IDNR COSLEY GRANT Application

Illinois Department of Natural Resources (Cosley Zoo Foundation Grant): CA14_IYRC 14-111 Signed grant Cosley

Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DuPage County Historical Museum): CA14_IDNR IL youth rec corp

Illinois Department of Natural Resources (Wheaton Park District): CA14_IDNR Invasive spec removal grant

JEM Morris Construction, Inc.: CA14_JEM Change Orders #2 & 3 (Change Order), CA14_JEM Morris Signed Contract for Graf site work

Midwest Model T Club: CA14_midwest model t club

Northern Ill Outlaws: CA14_Northern Ill Outlaws

State of Illinois Department of Public Health: CA14_IL Dept health grant

Transform, Inc.: CA14_Transform Digital Dining

Tressler LLP: CA14_Tressler_dual representation & conflict of interest waiver Play for All WPD



AAA Painting Contractors, Inc: CA13_AAA painters

Abbey Paving Co. Inc.: CA13_Abbey change order 11-14-13, CA13_Abbey change orders Atten East & West lots, CA13_Abbey paving change order Atten and Seven Gables,

Action Fence: CA13_Action Fence

Alarm Detection Systems, Inc (Agreement Addendum): CA13_ADS addendum for panic button

AED Grant: CA13_AED grant

All American Exterior Solutions: CA13_All American Exterior Solutions- signed contract

American Roofing and Repair: CA13_Americian Roofing and Repair- signed contract

Athletico Physical Therapy: CA13_Athletico

AT&T ILEC Intrastate D21 Service: CA13_ATT 8-2-13

AT&T Secure Network Gateway Service: CA13_ATT

Atten, James D. (Chicago Title Land Trust Company): CA13_Atten lease 2013-2014

Barton Electric: CA13_Barton Electric Atten Park Sports Lighting- Change Order 1, CA13_Barton electric

Bergen Construction Corporation: CA13_Bergen

Booster Shot: CA13_booster shot #1, CA13_booster shot #2

Bradford Wheaton 3 LLC: CA13_Bradford temp parking

Brass Buckle Band: CA13_Brass Buckle band

Cadence Health: CA13_Cadence

Cardno JF New : CA13_Cardno JF NEW agreement

Carol Stream Animal Hospital: CA13_Carol Stream Animal Hospital

Carroll Seating Company (Change Order): CA13_Carroll seating change order, CA13_carroll seating

Casino Party Professionals: CA13_Casino party agreement

Chicago Tribune: CA13_Tribune agreement, CA13_Tribune program delivery

City of Wheaton: CA13_Casino Night 2013-Raffle License (Raffle License), CA13_City of Wheaton videotaping(Meeting Coverage), CA13_City permits 600 S. Main (Permit – 600 Main St. Demolition)

Classic Fence: CA13_Classic Fence- Change Order 2 Signed, CA13_classic fence

Comcast: CA13_Comcast

Community Consolidated School District No 89: CA13_RES 2013-09 dist 89 Scotdale

Community Park Joint Commission Termination: CA13_Commission termination (community park)

Constellation NewEnergy, Inc.: CA13_Constellation Wheaton #3 Countersigned Copy, CA13_Constellation Wheaton Park District Countersigned Agreement 2, CA13_Constellation Wheaton Park District Countersigned Agreement

CSADA (Chicago Suburban Antique Dealers Association): CA13_CSADA Contract 2013

Custom Built Commercial Fence Company: CA13_custom built fence change order 11-11-13, CA13_custom fence

Direct Energy Services, LLC: CA13_Direct Energy

The DuPage Community Foundation: CA13_Dupage Community foundation zoo grant

DuPage County Fair Association of Wheaton: CA13_Dupage county fair

DuPage County Stormwater Management: CA13_stormwater agreement 603 Main St.

Ellis & Associates, Inc. :CA13_Ellis agreement

Engineering Resource Associates, Inc.:CA13_ERA Elliot shorelineCA13_ERA AGC restroomsCA13_ERA Prairie & Cosley lot

Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI): CA13_ESRI

Evans and Son Blacktop, Inc.: CA13_Evans & Son- signed contract

Experiential Systems, Incorporated: CA13_Experential Systems

Fence Connection Inc.: CA13_Fence Connection- signed change order1, CA13_fence connection

Field Turf USA, Inc.: CA13_Field Turf USA change order 12-2013, CA13_Field Turf USA, CA13_Field Turf

FORWARD Initiative: CA13_FORWARD initiative

Future Pros: CA13_Future Pros

Government Navigation Group, Inc.: CA13_GNG contract

Great Lakes Landscape Company, Inc.: CA13_Great lakes landscaping & planning resources perf. bond included

The Green Team World of Music LLC : CA13_summer entertainment series

Heritage FS: CA13_Heritage FS Fuel Bid Agreement

Illinois Roof Consulting Associates, Inc.: CA13_Ill roof consultants #1 , CA13_Ill roofing consultants #2, CA13_IRCA change order 11-19-13

Illinois Youth Soccer: CA13_ILL youth soccer

Integrys Energy Services: CA13_Integrys

J.J. Dynamite Productions: CA13_JJ Dynamite

Jest Entertainment: CA13_Jest, CA13_2-9-13 Arrowhead Golf Club Jest Murder Mystery Contract signed

Kane County Underground Inc.  CA13_Kane County Agreement plus change order – Signed, CA13_Kane county change order #3

Kids Around the World: CA13_Kids around the world – Rathje Park

Kmiecik Architects Ltd: CA13_Kmiecik AGC restrooms

Kmiecik Imagery: CA13_Kmiecik imagery

Kronos: CA13_Kronos

MailFinance Inc (a Neopost USA Company): CA13_Neopost (Mailfinance) Prairie & CC, CA13_Wheaton Park District.Executed Agreement.Blanchard, CA13_Wheaton Park District.Executed Agreement.Prairie

Melrose Pyrotechnics Inc: CA13_Melrose Pyrotechnics

Metropolitan Family Services DuPage: CA13_MOU DP Commun Fnd

Midwest Irrigation LLC: CA13_Midwest Irrigation Agreement Front End, CA13_Midwest Irrigation Bonds, CA13_Midwest Irrigation COI

NIMEC – Northern Illinois Municipal Electric Collaborative (Disclosure): CA13_NIMEC legal disclosure

North American Midway Entertainment/All Star Amusement, Inc.: CA13_North American Midway (carnival)

Northwest Designs of IL: CA13_Northwest design

Nu Toys Leisure Products Inc: CA13_LSI (Nu Toys) for Rathje Playground Equipment- signed

Park District Risk Management Agency (PDRMA): CA13_PDRMA selection for 2014 healthcare options

Planning Resources Inc: CA13_Planning resourses agreement

Play for All Foundation, Inc & Kiwanis Club of Wheaton: CA13_play for all and kiwanis agreement

Play for All Foundation, Inc. & Rotary Club of Wheaton: CA13_Rotary Club of Wheaton

Play for All Foundation, Inc & Wesley Luehring Foundation: CA13_play for all and Wesley Luerhing

Pressure Washing Systems: CA13_pressure washing systems (CAC), CA13_pressure washing systems

Professional Soccer Academy, LLC: CA13_PSA Agreement #2

Radio Disney Chicago LLC: CA13_Radio Disney

Region 4 Education Service Center: CA13_Region 4 IGA (TCPN)

Rock ‘N’ Kids, Inc: CA13_Rock n Kids 10-27-13, CA13_Rock n Kids, CA13_rockin kids

Romtec: CA13_Romtec (AGC restrooms)

Schaefges Brothers, Inc.: CA13_Schaefges Agreement, CA13_Schaefges Bonds,

Selden Fox, LTD: CA13_selden fox for DCHM

Strathmore Company: CA13_Strathmore

Suburban Umpire Association: CA13_Suburban Umpire Assoc

Surface America, Inc: CA13_Surface America Rathje #1

Team REIL, Inc: CA13_Team REIL agreement

T-Mobile: CA13_TMobile 7-2013, CA13_TMobile

TORO: CA13_Toro agreement

Trane: CA13_Trane discovery agreement

US Soccer Club: CA13_US Soccer Club

V3 Companies, Ltd: CA13_V3 Agreement

W-T Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, LLC: CA13_W-T

West Suburban Shrine Club Roaring ’57s: CA13_West Suburban Shrine

Western Surety Company: CA13_western surety payment letter from Tressler

Wheaton Park District Governing Board (IAPD Credentials Certificate): CA13_signed IAPD credentials certificate 12-13-13

Wheaton-Warrenville Community Unit School District 200: CA13_ORD 2013-03 IGA school dist 200

Wight & Company: CA13_Wight agreement