Community Center

The Wheaton Park District Community Center is dedicated to providing a safe, inviting, accessible, and well-maintained facility that meets the recreational, educational, and social needs of its patrons.

The Wheaton Park District Community Center is a 122,000-square-foot recreation center located at 1777 S. Blanchard St. in Wheaton, IL (Directions). The Community Center houses Parks Plus Fitness Center, a 7,500 square foot fitness center, Kidz Kingdom Child Care, several meeting/specialty rooms, and an indoor track (See the Indoor Track Guide (PDF)).

Front desk staff are happy to assist patrons with:

    • Registering for programs (for a complete list of programs currently offered, please refer to our current program guide)
    • Purchasing passes for pools, child care, group fitness; gift cards and GO Cards
    • Processing memberships
    • Creating and updating household accounts
    • Processing Photo I.D.
    • Making room rental reservations

  • Answering your park-district related questions
  • Creating a lasting memory for the entire community to see on the Tile Wall
  • …and more!

More About What You Can Do at the Community Center…

1777 S. Blanchard St., Wheaton, IL 60189
Phone: (630) 690-4880

Area groups and individuals find the meeting rooms and rental rates to be attractive and practical for seminars, in-service training programs, parties, and other social gatherings. The theater/group meeting room and eight meeting rooms are available for rental on an hourly basis.

For more information you may download the following:

…or call 630-690-4880.

Clothing & Textiles

Clothing and textiles are collected in bins located at the west/northwest end of the parking lot.

What Can Go in the Bin?

Acceptable: clothes, shoes and household textiles regardless of condition. Household textiles include tablecloths, towels, beddings, blankets, bedspreads, etc. Clothes, shoes and textiles must be clean and dry and dropped off in tied plastic bags. A sturdy plastic bag protects the clothes from dirt and simplifies handling.

Not Acceptable: mattresses, furniture, appliances, carpet, household items, toys or trash.

A shower chair is available for use for any person with a disability. Please ask the front desk staff about the use of the chair or call 630-690-4880.

The Wheaton Park District welcomes patrons to use the Prairie Path Indoor Track free of charge. For more information on track etiquette guidelines and hours of operation, please download the Indoor Track Guide (PDF).

You may return Wheaton Public Library books, videos and DVDs at the Community Center.
Two drop boxes are located on the lower level of the Community Center, one for books and the other for media. Drop boxes are available while the Community Center is open, and library pickup times are Monday-Friday at 8A and Saturday at 2P.

For more information, visit: