Tile Wall Project

Create a lasting memory for the entire community to see!

Personal art creations are preferred, and photos are accepted. Top reasons to create a tile for the Tile Wall Project:

  • Just plain family fun!
  • Showcase your artwork
  • Graduation (preschool-college)
  • Commemorate a special birthday
  • Show your school spirit
  • Celebrate a loved one
  • Honor your pet

How It Works…
Purchase 6” x 6” tiles for $20, decorate and return your masterpiece to the Community Center front desk to be displayed on the main floor at the Community Center.

Purchase your tile and receive a tile wall packet at either of the following locations:
Community Center
1777 S. Blanchard St., Wheaton, IL 60189

DuPage County Historical Museum
102 E. Wesley St., Wheaton, IL 60187