Departments of the District


Michael Benard, Executive Director and Secretary of the Board of Commissioners
– Directs the implementation of agency policy
– Manages the park and recreation system


Mary Beth Cleary, Director of Athletics
– Plans, implements and evaluates athletics programs and select facilities to provide comprehensive services
– Oversees Athletics staff and all functions thereof


Rita Trainor, Finance Director
– Manages all financial functions of the park district

Marketing & Development

Margie Wilhelmi, Director of Marketing
– Manages all marketing functions
– Oversees special event planning
– Develops partnerships that support the district’s mission

Parks & Planning

Rob Sperl, Director of Parks & Planning
– Maintains 52 parks-oversees capital projects and equipment replacement
– Directs all custodial work and operations of the Parks Department, Community Center, Cosley Zoo and Lincoln Marsh
– Facilitates the safety and upkeep of all the pools, playgrounds, athletic fields, buildings
– Manages repairs at recreational facilities
– Oversees day-to-day operations


Vicki Beyer, Director of Recreation
– Plans, implements and evaluates programs and select facilities to provide comprehensive recreational services
– Oversees Recreation staff and all functions thereof

Special Facilities

Andy Bendy, Director of Special Facilities
– Administers the planning, organization, direction and supervision of Special Facilities (Cosley Zoo, Parks Plus Fitness Center, Arrowhead Golf Club)
– Personnel management of all staff at Special Facilities