Rain Barrels and Composting

The Wheaton Park District promotes sustainable land use practices and environmentally conscious decisions within the park system. The use of rain barrels and composting are ways you can be GREEN too. These simple steps not only help the environment but can also save you money!

The following is a list of simple, everyday ways to contribute to a greener planet and save money while doing it!

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Rain Barrels

Made yourself or purchased as a kit, rain barrels are an efficient way to recycle rainwater. This naturally purified water can be used to water plants, wash the car, or anything else. Conserving natural rainwater can also help to prevent flooding. More information on the benefits, cost savings, and providers of rain barrels can be found in the following links:

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A compost pile/ bin can significantly reduce the amount of waste coming out of your home through the natural process of decomposition. Besides saving you money on waste-related expenses, composting can protect your soil while providing nutrient-rich mulch for your yard. The following links contain helpful information for composting at home:

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